Monday, June 27, 2011

DoCo Damask - Learning to custom blend!

So excited to finally learn the custom blending process to create the DoCo Damask makeup! This week has been so amazing, informative and most of all - inspiring! Lisa from ColorLab was an amazing educator and an absolute gift.  I could go on and on but I'll just post some photos I took during the process.

(Boo to mobile uploads being un-clickable...but you get the point!)

Lisa gave us color "assignments" and we had to create them.  Ex: light silver shadow with slight frost, Highly frosted medium taupe shadow, bright pink blush with slight sheen, Matte rose blush.....

This was my sheet.  I was lucky enough to get them accurate on the first try! Yay!

Swatches showing the progression of my shadow....medium purple with green flash and multidimensional twinkle!

The blending process for powders...remember everything starts out with simple pure pigment can mix and blend for the right shade and intensity!

Final products customized for me!

First lipstick! I understood that we'd be able to make glosses by mixing the pigments into the glossy bases etc....but to create a real lipstick and have it molded in front if you and packaged (this is just the tester packaging...not the final pretty fancy ones) was so awesome! Not only can you customize the color, but you can add in anti-aging enhancements, lip plumping serums, flavor, scent....possibilities are endless!

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